Where the hell have I been.

Hello everyone, its been a while since I posted. In fact it was May when i last wrote and I was quite optimistic at the time. So lets start with a quick summary of what has happened since. 

Lets pick up where I left off with the Siglion Sunderland Half Marathon. Ouch. On one of the most tedious races ive ever took part in, i found myself running up and down the same roads for the about 60% of the race before we finally followed the route towards Sunderland glorious coast for a few miles before heading back to the finish line at the new Keel square. My performance wasnt great but I wasnt exactly expecting it to be. I think i came away with a time of around 2 and a half hours. Happy enough with that. 

A busy summer arrived, starting with Northern Storms summer competition in Blackpool. We made a weekend of it. The hotel was packed with cheer teams from around the country. We had a Junior team and a senior team both doing a stunt routine and a main routine. I took part in both senior routines while my youngest daughter took part in the junior routines and my eldest took part in both Junior and senior. We performed great despite last minute injuries and had a great weekend. On the Sunday we went off as a family and explored the delights of Blackpool. 

The dreamteam.

Next up was a Judo competition, for which I was not ready. Five years ago I had an issue with a blocked Urethra and caused major issues with my ability to function as well as issues with my kidney and extreme pain. I thought the problem had gone, but soon after cheer in Blackpool it came back to haunt me. It comes and goes two or three times a week, sometimes id need hospital treatment, sometimes not depends on how severe it got. I should never have took part in the competiton, but i enjoy Judo so much I went ahead and took part. 

On the day the problem was distant, I was ready to go. Five 3 minute fights. Sounds easy enough. 30 seconds into my first contest inrealised how out of shape i had allowed myself to get during this bout of medical problems. I managed to throw my opponent for warzari (half a point to make it easy for those who dont know Judo). But my opponent recovered and managed to get a pin on me, once i was there I had no energy left to fight him off amd lost by ippon (Judo equiveland of a KO) in each of my following contests i managed the same, managing to throw each of my opponents for warzari but then finding myself getting gassed out amd beated by pin except one where i managed to avoid being pinned for the duration and winning that particular fight via points. I came away with a bronze but i was deflated, dissapointed with myself and ashamed to represent my club so badly. (Ive since forgiven myself) ive never been on the mats since that day. 

Me and my team mates Anth on the left got a silver and Ryan took gold in his weigh class. Me on the right with my bronze.

The Great north run was approaching thick and fast, I had been advised by a nurse practitioner to give exercise a rest for the time being, so not to worsen the problem, at least not until i had seem a specialist. I took this on board, except for the great north run for which i had raised a few quid for charity. I took part, and finished. That was enough for me. I wemt home after that and gave up exercise as advised. 

Finally I got my specialists appointment, a few required, and very umcomfortable tests and discussed my options, all involve complex surgery. My local hospital have passed me on to the Freemans hospital in Newcastle which they believe are more appropriate for me in particular. My first consultation isnt until March so Ive still got a while to wait, but the good news is the problem is less frequent at this momemt in time (touch wood) and the specialist at Sunderland Royal tells me i can exercise as normal, with only few limitations. For example, no cycling, amd no Combat sports (hence the reason ive still not got back to Judo). A knock to the area will likely cause a blockage. 

So now its November, im unmotivated, overweight and im suddenly allowed to train again. Ive started but ive not done enough. Ive rejoined the cheer team and im running a little but with christmas coming im working more than anything. 

December 31st im in bed early, no larty for me, work in the morning. Inweigh myself, snap a few pictures for motivation and comparison when i have improved my current condition. Im ready to get going…… to get 2018 off to a great start. 

So what have i got planned for this year.

Well, first everything has to work around tbis operation. Which will be spring time at the very earliest. Until then I will be training, both cardio and resistance. I have a weigh loss target for January and will re-evaluate my goals at the end of the month. I will be returning to Judo once i have had my operation and rscoverdd. Im also looking at getting a mountain bike for adventures after then too. Adventures is something i neglected in 2017 so its my lriority to get out into the hills and mountains and other beautiful places starting now. 

Ill be mostlu writing about fitness and adventures this year to come with maybe the odd wildlife blog here and there for educational purposes. I hope you will join me on tbis new year of advemtures and i hope to spread  little motivation on the way.  Happy 2018 everyone. Much love. Anth.