Great North Run and other goals for 2017.

Its been around since 1981 and has became the biggest half marathon in the world in the last 26 years. With 40-50,000 showing up every year the atmosphere at the start line is nothing short of spectacular. I can not wait to be a part of it……….. again.

In case you did not already know, this will be my fifth Great North Run. Which is strange because im not a long distance runner. My body shape is not right. Short legs and a stocky frame is not the ideal runners body. On top of that my diet is shocking. Even though i am a qualified PT and should know better, i have a hard to being as strict on my diet as i can be with the rest of my training. I do consider my self reasonably fit otherwise. I play Judo, attend the gym and also join in with my daughters cheerleading sessions amongst other physical activities. However as a kid i was much more fit and able for sports activities. In school i took part in any and every sport available and considered myself higher than average when it came to track and field, with 100m up to 800m my favoraite running events and shot put and long jump also being specialities of mine (notice that none are long distance running) 

Last year i missed out on the GNR to take part in a hike across the length of Hadrians wall (See other blog posts for details) which did not end well. 2016 was a year of missed opportunities and personal fails however, i learnt a lot from that and will enjoy much more sucess in acheiving my goals this year. 

My main goal is to complete this years great north run in less than two hours. A goal i have tried and tried again at and yet still not acheived. I have a stricter training plan in place this year and will be the main are of focus when i hit the gym/roads.

However, my training will take into consideration my Judo, in which i hope to get back into full swing and attain my 1st kyu (brown belt) by the end of the year and maybe enter another competition before i start fighting for my dan grade the following year. 

Another goal, and perhaps the one i look forward to the most and although more of a holiday in my eyes, is to walk the complete west highland walkway. Unlike last years Hadrians effort i will be better prepared for this and if illness happens to strike again, i will know from experience to postpone a few days rather than risk it. Hopefully this will take place in august with plenty training walks out in the wild with my camera and my walking buddy. Ill have individual blogs about these walks. 

Ive also some academic goals, with my first module of my Open University Environmental Science degree coming to an end, my first goal here is to pass this module and successfully set myself away on the next module. 

Finally, many years ago i took up creative writing thanks to a good friend (and published author) of mine. I found although i have good ideas milling around in my head, my written english (as you can probably tell by this article) has a lot to be desired. So, my goal here is to improve my writing skills and develop one of the many ideas i have floating around in my head. 

Back to the great north run. I have entered through a charity, Cystic Fibrosis Trust. This charity has a special meaning to me as i have a relative who had suffered up until his late 20s with this and thanks to progress in this field and a doner, he had a lung transplant, which will lengthen his life expectancy significantly and also improve general quality of life. So for more to recieve life saving treatment and more advanced developement i thought id support a relevant charity. 

My actual running has been going well, notching it up too three runs per week, a tempo run, an interval run and a distance run. Also my resistance sessions at the gym and i am running a loval half marathon, the siglion sunderland half marathon this coming sunday as sort of a practice run. 

Wish me luck.

For thr first time i have plans made as a way to acheive all my goals because after all, a goal without a plan is just a wish.

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